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5 Perfect Gifts for Your Eccentric Friend

5 Perfect Gifts for Your Eccentric Friend

We all have that friend who deserves the absolute best things in the world, but are so complicated to shop for because of their wacky style and all-out quirky personality. 

Search no more folks! We have compiled a list of must-gift items made with your very friend in mind:



What other time will we be able to match our face hole coverings to our brain hole coverings? That is to say, there is a major opportunity to ‘MATCHY-PATCHY’ the heck out of our hats and masks. Gift your friend the immediate satisfaction of simultaneous “oh yeahh, I have my shit together” and “there is zero chance I will be a boring adult today”. 



Bubbly people need outside extensions for their energy. These earrings are the incarnation of a pocketful of sunshine. Help your pals show off their flamboyant selves with these springy ear ornaments.



It’s flashy, it’s funky, it may just be the perfect distraction in your friend’s next hysterical awkward moment. These babes give off some serious rays and they make anything they adorn intriguing. You never know what could come in handy in a pinch!  



Speaking from experience as the eccentric friend, we always have something up our sleeve… or rather… in our plethora of reusable bags. It’s so nice to be able to organize your many shenanigans into “ready to go” carrying vessels for more accessible pranks. Or, you know, groceries. Everyone’s gotta eat!



SECRET ADMIRER ALERT! One of the very best gifts you can give someone is to just show them you’re thinking about them. But wait, there’s more? When you gift someone these beautifully delicate mini art prints, we will also hand write a personalized message on them for your buddy. There are SO MANY POSSIBILITIES with this! We will even help you brainstorm. Mwhaha.

At the end of the day, the reason you found this gift guide is because while your friend may be wild, rambunctious, and extravagant, they are also the first people to help you out, ask how you’re doing, and truly connect with you. They expand your horizons, go on thrilling adventures with you, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Here’s to giving them the perfect colorful present to encourage them to flourish into the future. Cheers!