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7 “Inventive” Things to Use When You Forget Your Mask

7 “Inventive” Things to Use When You Forget Your Mask

We’ve all had the “OH SH*T” moment when you realize you don't know where your mask is. It’s usually right when people suddenly appear or as soon as you really need to stop for a pee break. Here are some of our first thoughts of how to remedy the situation.

1. Tanktop

Layers, layers, layers. It may not be pleasant, but if you forgot your mask or are unexpectedly in the presence of people, folding over a tanktop and wrapping the tube around your head can work as a makeshift buff.  

2. Beanie

In a pinch, grab a beanie, fasten it with whatever you have: shoelace, tape, clothes pins, bobby pins, etc, and go about your social distancing. You could fill it with other materials (cotton, coffee filters, etc) to make it less dropletly.

3. Cloth Napkin 

Fold the napkin corner to corner (into a triangle), tie over nose, and knot at the bottom “beard” part for a more fitted, less droplet, more wise looking mask.

4. Underwear 

This is gross. Please don’t.

5. Eye sleep mask

We saw a person wearing a sleep mask upside down as a mask. The little nose flap was covering their nose and it looked like it had a little silk smile…. REALLY not sure about the effectiveness of this method, but hey, you can catch some shuteye wherever you go. 

6. Onion peel

We actually saw someone wearing one. It may keep people 6 feet away from you, but for so many other reasons. 

7. BEANDREAM Neck Scarf 

Snag your trusty neck scarf, fold it diagonally, tie, and go! They are seriously the ultimate multi-tool. 

***The best thing would obviously be to use something intended for your face. Like a BEANDREAM mask! Stock up here! But in a pinch, use whatever you can to reduce the spread. Please don’t spew droplets.***