We are taking a little break! Contact Polly@beandream.fun with any questions!! Hello, there! We are on a little break. Please contact us at polly@beandream.fun if you have questions or want to place an order!


New Year, New Dreams!

New Year, New Dreams!

Hi Y'all and Happy 2021!

There is a regime change happening in the US tomorrow and there is some cleaning up happening around BEANDREAM, as well.  Since we are still in a strict lockdown in Los Angeles County and not attending markets for a while, we decided to move all of our stock from the storage place into the sewing and crafting room.  It's so nice to see it all in one place! 

But, what we realized is that we have a lot of one-of a kind items and retired colors that we need to clear out so there is room for our NEW AND EXCITING goodies that are coming soon.  That's why we are having our first ever SAMPLE SALE!!!  Included are hats, masks, socks, and pouches--all BEANDREAM ORIGINALS, that will very likely be amazing collectibles by the time we get through the entire series of Julia Quinn (Brigerton is the first of sooo many!) novels on Netflix! 

Now that we are (mostly) organized, we are busy twisting, tying, soaking, dyeing and sewing our next creations.  But more on that next time!!



Polly, Hannah & Elly

The BEANDREAM Dream Team